These records were extracted from LDS film #0016643 and are for marriages recorded at San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church. The modern spelling of the surnames was used (such as Jaramillo vs. Xaramillo), and only those records that were readable and contained at least one surname were extracted by our volunteers. The film is available at the Denver Public Library, the Family History Centers of the Mormon church, and probably other sources. We encourage you to view the film to obtain other information (such as parents and godparents) that does not appear in the tables. Because they are in date order, it is a good idea to use your browser's "Find" feature to make sure you don't overlook your marriage.

San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church is located in Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Duke of Albuquerque named the church in honor of King Philip of Spain. The church was started in 1706, and was completed around 1718-19 and stood on the west side of the town plaza. The cemetery was east of the church, and the convento (rectory) was to the south. In 1792, rain collapsed the old church, and it was rebuilt the following year and still stands today (and still holds services). Except for its tin ceiling, brick floor, and south entrance, the church is the same structure as in 1793.


12 Jan 1800

Jose Matias Carrillo

Ana Maria de Jesus Gonzales

20 Jan 1800

Juan Christoval Garcia

Maria Manuela Gonzales

10 Mar 1800

Antonio Chavez

Gertrudes Baca

15 Mar 1800

Jose Maria Zamora

Maria Manuela Montoya

23 Mar 1800

Rafael Rivera

Maria Barbara Montoya

15 Apr 1800

Alexandro Chavez

Maria Josefa Baca

16 Apr 1800

Miguel Antonio Aragon

Antonia Rita Chavez

20 Apr 1800

Lorenzo de los Reyes Aragon

Maria Dolores Chavez

20 Aug 1800

Manuel Naranjo

Maria Bibiana Jaramillo

27 Aug 1800

Manuel Antonio Barela

Francisca Sedillo

12 Sep 1800

Miguel Antonio Sanchez

Francisca Antonia Sedillo

8 Nov 1800

Ysidro Antonio Romero

Maria Josefa Fajardo

12 Nov 1800

Felipe Martinez

Manuela Miera

6 Feb 1801

Diego Antonio Zamora

Maria Petra Baca

2 Mar 1801
Jose Antonio Benavidez Maria Concepcion Moya

11 Mar 1801

Manuel Sanchez

Maria Getrudis Chavez

19 Mar 1801

Francisco Xavier Armijo

Rosalia Mestas

12 May 1801

Jose Antonio Chavez

Maria Manuela Aragon

18 May 1801

Jose Moya

Maria de la Cruz Molina

24 Aug 1801

Jose Miguel Lucero

Maria Rosalia Gutierrez

24 Aug 1801

Pablo Montoya

Magdalena Fernandez

28 Aug 1801

Pablo Martinez

Maria Andrea Montoya

24 Jan 1802

Lorenzo Perea

Magdalena Montano

30 Jan 1802

Juan Estevan de Jesus Candelaria

Maria de Jesus Luna

10 Feb 1802

Juan Antonio Urane

Catalina Candelaria

15 Feb 1802

Andres Perea

Tomasa Montoya

17 Feb 1802

Juan Andres Montano

Maria Josefa Martinez

3 May 1802

Jose Francisco Garcia

Maria Dolores Lucero

2 Jun 1802

Juan Nicolas Mestas

Maria Dolores Montoya

8 Jun 1802

Pablo Toledo

Maria Josefa Padilla

13 Jun 1802

Francisco Lopez

Maria Petra Candelaria

14 Jun 1802

Faustino Lorenzo Torres

Juana Nepomucena Ruiz

26 Jul 1802

Jose Maria Maldonado

Paula Marquez

28 Jul 1802

Jose Manuel Apodaca

Maria Manuela Moya

28 Jul 1802

Jose Antonio Romero

Ana Maria Moya

4 Aug 1802

Miguel Antonio Lucero

Maria Dimas Aragon

15 Aug 1802

Juan Domingo Chavez

Maria Teresa de Jesus Carrillo

26 Aug 1802

Jose Bernabe Perea

Victoria Tomasa Garcia

29 Aug 1802

Pablo Jaramillo

Maria de la Concepcion Gutierrez

29 Aug 1802

Salvador Antonio Candelaria

Gertrudes Lopez

29 Aug 1802

Antonio Vallejos

Maria Dolores Moya

31 Aug 1802

Jose Maria Griego

Maria Candelaria Armijo

13 Sep 1802

Juan Jose Anaya

Maria Dolores Carvajal

27 Sep 1802

Francisco Moya

Catarina Sedillo

27 Sep 1802

Manuel Gurule

Maria Petra Garcia

4 Oct 1802

Juan Bautista Ramirez

Maria Matilde Chavez

18 Oct 1802

Juan Pablo Archibeque

Maria Micaela Tafoya

12 Dec 1802

Blas Rafael Carrillo

Maria Gertrudes Gonzales

16 Dec 1802

Diego Antonio Ginzo

Maria Gertrudes Dominguez

2 Jan 1803

Juan Cristoval Rael

Maria Ygnacia Marquez

5 Jan 1803

Silvestre Griego (widower)

Maria Dolores Aliri

7 Feb 1803

Francisco Chavez

Ana Gonzales

10 Feb 1803

Antonio Zamora

Maria Dolores Apodaca

2 Mar 1803

Juan Cristoval Lopez

Maria Rosalia Garcia

10 May 1803

Felipe Sanchez

Anna Maria Trujillo

17 May 1803

Salvador Antonio Chavez

Maria Manuela Garcia

26 May 1803

Juan Antonio Lucero

Maria Ursula Saenz

6 Jun 1803

Francisco Vallejos

Maria de la Luz Chavez

13 Jun 1803

Jose Miguel Gabaldon

Maria Dolores Ortiz

20 Jul 1803

Andres Montoya

Josefa Montano

6 Sep 1803

Pablo Antonio Baca

Maria Manuela Josefa Lucero

12 Sep 1803

Diego Antonio Lopez

Maria Juliana Chavez

28 Sep 1803

Manuel Antonio Candelaria

Maria Barbara Montoya

4 Oct 1803

Jose Chavez

Catalina Maldonado

4 Oct 1803

Juan Atencio Garcia

Maria Barbara Chavez

10 Oct 1803

Jose Jesus Apodaca

Juana Garcia

10 Oct 1803

Christoval Antonio Sanchez

Margarita Rita de los Dolores Lopez

14 Jan 1804

Luis Antonio Marcelo Marino

Barbara Apolonia Sanchez

13 Mar 1805

Jose Vallejos

Juana Garcia

10 Apr 1805

Francisco Gonzales

Manuela Valencia

25 Jun 1805

Antonio Jose Trujillo

Feliciana Ortega

14 Aug 1805

Vicente Garcia

Rosalia Sedillo

20 Aug 1805

Nicolas Martinez

Juliana Aragon

28 Aug 1805

Eusebio Garcia

Candelaria Rael

15 Sep 1805

Jose Maria Zamora

Encarnacion Gonzales

20 Sep 1805

Rosalio Chavez

Paula Montoya

10 Oct 1805

Francisco Gurule

Polonia Medina

12 Feb 1806

Asencio Moya

Juana Maria Sandoval

12 Mar 1806

Juan Garcia

Francisca Rael

26 Mar 1806

Rafael Sanchez

Maria Josefa Pino

12 Apr 1806

Ygnacio Lopez

Maria de la Luz Marquez

20 May 1806

Bartolome Maldonado

Anna Maria Baca

8 Jun 1806

Manuel Antonio Vallejos

Maria Francisca Maldonado

8 Sep 1806

Jose Gurule

Maria Rafaela Tafoya

8 Jan 1807

Juan Gurule

Margarita Garcia

4 Mar 1807

Jose Antonio Otero

Maria Barbara Sedillo

12 Apr 1807

Luis Rafael Perea

Maria Guadalupe Garcia

12 Apr 1807
Juan Ysidro Jaramillo Maria Lucia Salazar
12 Apr 1807
Vicente Gonzales Biviana Chavez

19 Sep 1807

Pablo Sandoval

Maria Leonarda Lopez

20 Sep 1807

Juan Antonio Gallego

Maria Felipa Anaya

20 Sep 1807

Ramon Montoya

Maria Cecilia Varela

10 Oct 1807

Anselmo de los Dolores Archuleta

Juana Maria Lopez

18 Feb 1808

Geronimo Olguin

Maria Gertrudes de las Nieves Candelaria

17 Apr 1808

Juan Miguel Antonio Garcia

Maria Antonia Martinez

22 Apr 1808

Jose Miguel Rojo

Juana Quitera Gonzales

22 Apr 1808

Jose Gregorio Lucero

Maria Marta Lopez

30 Aug 1808

Juan Baptista Gallegos

Maria Manuela Antonia Gurule

11 Sep 1808

Manuel Marquez

Maria Manuela Lucero

29 Nov 1808

Antonio Jose Sandoval

Manuela Jaramillo

11 Dec 1808

Agustin Sanchez

Maria Josefa Carvajal

13 Jan 1809

Andres Gregorio Sedillo

Juana Maria Candelaria

24 Mar 1809

Tomas Candelaria

Juana Rafaela Chavez

2 Apr 1809

Juan Pablo Mora

Maria Gertrudes Gallegos

5 Apr 1809

Simon Anaya

Maria Manuela Sanchez

3 May 1809

Gaspar Lopez

Maria Rosalia Duran

7 May 1809

Juan Nepomuceno Armijo

Maria Rosalia Ortega

21 May 1809

Juan Luis Garcia

Leonarda Lopez

16 Jul 1809

Miguel Candelaria

Maria Rafaela Garcia

1 Sep 1809

Ygnacio Lopez

Maria Victoria Lucero

27 Oct 1809

Juan Cristoval Garcia

Ana Maria Muniz

10 Nov 1809

Bartolome Chavez

Maria Micaela Sanchez

10 Dec 1809

Juan Bartolo Perea

Quiteria Romero

10 Dec 1809

Tomas Santillanes

Maria Ynes Torres

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