San Felipe de Neri Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico


When volunteers extracted the marriages from microfilm in the mid 1990ís, they only extracted the coupleís names and any information on previous marriages. The actual records contain more details such as where they were living, parents, and padrinos. The marriages have since been published by the New Mexico Genealogical Society and can be purchased (see below):

Another valuable source of marriage information is NM Roots Ltd., by Fray Angelico Chavez, which contain the prenuptial investigations. The investigation was performed to assure the freedom of the couple to marry (i.e., not related by blood or marriage). Some records are just a marriage banns notice, while others contain complete details of the prenuptial investigation including ages of the couple, where they lived, previous spouses, and any other details which could impact the marriage.

Many times a prenuptial investigation identified Albuquerque as the location, yet a marriage record was not found at San Felipe de Neri Church. Those records are identified with a date in the “NM Roots” column but no date in the “marriage” column.

Finally, the records in the marriages table are a combination of both sources. Where one record might just have “Maria” in the entry, the other had “Maria Ysidora” and the additional name was incuded to help with your research.

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Abeyta-Archibeque Garcia-Gomez Ortega-Quajo
Archuleta-Brito Gonzalez-Hernandez Rael-Salazar
Bujanda-Castillo Herrera-Lovato Sanchez-Sena
Chavez-Coronado Lucero-Martinez Senteno-Velarde
Crème-Garcia Mata-Olguin Velasquez-Zamora

Contact Angela at for additional information on any of the entries as she has access to both books.

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