Bernalillo County Cities, Towns and Places

Feature Name
Dates   Comments
Alameda 1710   Original home of Tiwa pueblo in 1540 - land grant in 1710 - now part of northwest Albuquerque
Albuquerque 1706   New Mexico's largest city and Bernalillo County Seat - named after the Duke of Alburquerque, 34th Viceroy of New Spain
Arenal (historical) 1703   Settlement - now a street name in southwest Albuquerque
Armijo (historical) 1696   Settlement - named after Jose de Armijo - now a neighborhood in southwest Albuquerque (formerly called Ranchos de Atrisco)
Atrisco 1692   Settlers began to move to Atrisco in 1703 and built their haciendas along the Rio Grande
Barelas (historical) 1662   Settlement - named for Pedro Barela - now part of southwest Albuquerque
Barton (historical) 1908   Settlement - existed in early 1900s
Bear Canyon   Western slopes of the Sandia Mountains
Candelarias   Settlement - now a street name in Albuquerque
Cañoncito   Albuquerque (East of Sandia Mountains) - location of the last station of the Santa Fe Trail
Cañoncito Navajo Indian Reservation 1700   Located in northwest Bernalillo and part of Cibola county
Carlito Springs   Southeast slopes of the Sandia Mountains
Carnuel 1763   Tijeras Canyon (east of Albuquerque)
Carpenter (historical)   East of Albuquerque (between Tijeras and Edgewood)
Cedar Crest 1922   Eastern foothills of the Sandia Mountains
Cedro   Settlement - foothills of the Manzano Mountains
Chilili 1581   Located in the foothills of the Manzano Mountains - one of the oldest place names in New Mexico - Hispanic settlement established in 1841
Cole Springs 1920   Located on the southeast side of Sandia Mountains - named after Chauncey Cole
Coyote Canyon   Northwestern foothills of the Manzano Mountains (located within Kirtland Air Force Base)
Dennis Chavez Estates   Residential development east of Albuquerque - named after Dennis Chavez (US Senator from NM, served 1935-1962).
Doc Long Picnic Area   Located in the Cibola National Forest - named after William Henry "Doc" Long
Echo Canyon   Canyon with echogenic walls - extends from Tijeras Canyon into the southwest Sandia Mountains
Edgewood 1936   East of Albuquerque, now in Santa Fe County (ca 1999)
Elena Gallegos Picnic Area   Located in the western foothills of Sandia Mountains - first woman to own a cattle brand - married Santiago Gurule in 1699
Emery (historical)   Northern area of Bernalillo
Escabosa   Foothills of Manzano Mountains - east of Albuquerque
Frost (historical)   Settlement - located in the foothills of Sandia Mountains
Gurule (historical)   Settlement - named after Santiago Gurule (see Elena Gallegos picnic area)
Hahn (historical) 1910   Settlement - railroad stop and trading post - named after W. H. Hahn
Helweg (historical) 1913   Settlement - northeast of Albuquerque - named after Benjamin N. Helweg
Herreraville (historical)   Settlement - named after its first postmaster, Bernardo Herrera
Isleta Pueblo     Located south of Albuquerque along the Rio Grande River - also known as "San Agustin de la Isleta" - Navajos say name means "tribe by the water"
Juan Tomas 1870   Located in the foothills of the Manzano Mountains - named for John Thomas
Kemp (historical)   Albuquerque - east of the Sandia Mountains
Kirtland Air Force Base   Military installation in southeast Albuquerque - named after Roy G. Kirtland
La Cueva (historical)   Settlement - located along the Rio Puerco
La Madera     Settlement - located at the foothills of the Sandia Mountains
La Placita de los Garcias (historical)     Settlement - located by Alameda between El Pueblo and Ranchitos
La Rinconada (historical)   Settlement - located by Alameda
Los Duranes     Settlement - located near Old Town - named after Duran families who settled in this area as early as 1692
Los Griegos 1708   Settlement - named after Juan Griego - now a suburb of Albuquerque
Los Padillas     Settlement - located near Isleta Pueblo
Los Poblanos   Settlement - located in the southwest part of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque
Los Ranchitos   Settlement - located between Alameda and Los Ranchos de Albuquerque
Los Ranchos de Albuquerque   Settlement - the northern area where the Gurule families settled was called "San Jose de Los Ranchos" - incorporated as "Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque" in 1958
Los Tomases   Settlement - now a neighborhood located in northwest Albuquerque
Martineztown 1850   Named after Don Manuel Martin - neighborhood in southeast Albuquerque
Milagros (historical)   Central Manzano Mountains - now location of a health resort
Old Town   Northwest Albuquerque - also called "Old Albuquerque" - location of San Felipe de Neri Church built in 1706
Pajarito   Settlement in south Albuquerque
Placers (historical)   South of Albuquerque (vanished in a flood in late 19th century)
Platero (historical)   Settlement on the Canoncito Navajo Reservation (named for the Platero family)
Primera Agua   Residential area of Tijeras (East of Albuquerque)
Ranchos de Atrisco   See "Armijo"
Rincon   Settlement (East of Tijeras)
San Antonio   Tijeras
San Antonito   Sandia Park
San Ignacio (historical)   Unknown
San Jose   Residential area in South Albuquerque (early settlers before 1860s)
Sandia Knolls   East of San Antonito in the Sandia Mountains
Sandia Park   Eastern foothills of the Sandia Mountains
Sandia Vista   Albuquerque East
Sedillo 1680   East of Albuquerque (named for Pedro de Cedillo)
Tijeras 1888   formerly Zamora, East of Albuquerque
Yrisarri   Named for Pablo Yrisarri - South of Tijeras
Zamora   Former name of Tijeras (East of Albuquerque)